Jana Moses Past client

I felt really comfortable. It was easy to talk to you. (July 27th 2016)

I felt really comfortable, it was easy to talk you. Some of the things I shared during your session I would not tell my friend for fear of being judged. Your session taught me to be comfortable with my sexuality. read more
Dr. Betsy Crane, PhD Widener University

Onika has a excellent knowledge and skills in sexuality education. (August 1st 2016)

Onika has a excellent knowledge and skills in sexuality education and in theatre, which is a strong combination. Her Master’s degree in human sexuality education at Widener University provided her with comprehensive understanding of sexuality and training in curriculum design and effective educational methods. read more
Dr. Don Dyson, PhD, MSS Widener University

In short, Ms. Henry is a truly gifted sexuality expert. (August 1st 2016)

Onika's work is incredibly thorough, well-researched and comprehensive. Her curricula, specifically, integrate best practices in sexuality education while simultaneously bridging the cultural gap often unacknowledged or unrecognized by other sexuality educators. read more
Alison McKee, M.Ed. Director of the Wellness Resource Center at Temple University

She is not a lecturer, she is an educator. (August 4th 2016)

Onika is able to successfully blend arts education into her sexuality education. This is a unique approach and one that truly helps to engage participants in the content in a meaningful way. read more
Dr Erika Evans-Weaver, PhD., LMFT Widener University

Her talent runs deep as does her passion and her knowledge. (September 7th 2016)

Onika was an exceptional student. Students go through a natural metamorphosis in this program and I can remember being her Professor for her 2nd class and her maturity as well as her already established knowledge about sexuality, parenting, theater and more, well exceeded her peers. read more
Dr. Faith B. Yisrael Minority Councillor, Tobago House of Assembly

Onika makes talking about sex “ok”. (April 19th 2017)

Ms. Onika Henry provides a critical service to Trinidad and Tobago. From a Public Health perspective, human sexuality is a very touchy subject, one met with skepticism, shame, and fear.
read more
Shoma Rampersad-Clarke Seminar Attendee

Christians should have no problems…Onika is the consummate professional (April 25th 2017)