Me, Your Sex Coach

When I work with individuals, I do so in my capacity as a sex coach. I make this distinction because my group work is normally focused on sharing information and training.

After my group sessions and after people’s minds/attitudes have shifted and they become interested in hearing more about what can be done to improve their sex lives, they normally come to me for much more specific and action-oriented advice.

This is where the sex coaching component of what I offer comes in.

Sex coaching blends sexology with life coaching and is essentially an approach to promoting sexual healing and wellness that is part psycho-sexual education and part counselling. While it is therapeutic, it is NOT therapy.

Sex coaching includes:

Personalised sexuality information and education, re-directive cognitive processes, mental reframing, emotional balancing, intuitive guidance, behavioural training, resources and referrals

Sex coaching can help you to:

  • Learn to stay present and in-the-moment with your partner during sex.
  • Learn to communicate your desires and fantasies.
  • Liberate yourself from patterns of shame, guilt, fear and negative body image.
  • Learn how to reclaim your sexual self after illness or injury.
  • Rekindle the flame in a long-term relationship.
  • Enhance a current sexual relationship
  • Learn to balance work, children and intimacy to avoid sexual burnout or recover from low arousal and uneven desire.
  • Maintain sexual wholeness at any age
  • Eliminate dysfunctional patterns
  • Become your authentic sexual self

As your sex coach, I collaborate with you, to design the best course of action to achieve your sexual goals, addressing the mental, emotional, body & behavioural, energetic and spiritual aspects of sexuality.