GoalTo reduce the number of youth engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse


To be quite frank, if youth are already sexually active, and therefore have experienced the pleasures and attachments associated with sex, abstinence education may not convince some of them to refrain. For youth who are practicing or exposed to high-risk sexual behaviour (multiple concurrent partners, no condom use, intimate partner violence, etc.), the goal is “damage control”. To facilitate this, the focus should be on education and behaviour-change, which reduce sexual health risks and help with managing relationship conflicts. This programme requires a longer period of engagement compared to the other levels, in order to have significant results.


At the end of the workshop youths will:

  • Show knowledge of the human reproductive anatomy and physiology, human fertility and contraception, identify signs & symptoms of HIV & AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and know how to prevent their transmission.
  • Demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to form healthy friendships and relationships
  • Demonstrate a positive sense of self-awareness and be equipped with the skills for building and maintaining self-esteem
  • Understand sexual development and identity and explore aspects of sexuality including gender roles, stereotyping, gender issues and cultural influences on sexuality
  • Illustrate their ability to decline unprotected sexual intercourse, use a condom, and communicate about safer sexual practices
  • Align their perception of risk for HIV and other STIs based on their behaviours
  • Apply steps for sexual decision-making and create strategies for actions consistent with personal moral integrity and be respectful of the rights and dignity of others
  • Practise skills for coping with peer pressure, conflict and threats to personal safety
  • Explain the value of family life and appreciate the responsibilities of adulthood and parenthood

Length of Workshop

20 Half Day Sessions (2.5 hours per half day)

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