GoalTo reduce the number of youth engaging in unprotected sex in two ways:
1) By reducing the number of youths who begin or have sexual intercourse during their high school years
2) By increasing use of methods of protection among students who persist in their decision to engage in sexual activity


Complete sexual abstinence is the most effective means of protection against both pregnancy and STIs. Research seems to confirm that abstinence messages work best when aimed at younger youth who are not yet sexually active.

For adolescents to successfully practice abstinence, they need to develop specific skills, to include self-control and communication; they need a high degree of motivation; and require strong social support from family and community members. Research data also suggests that adolescents need a safe environment created by adults, in which they can make decisions free from the pressure or fear of coerced sex. Because of the community involvement that has been proven to make abstinence in youth more successful, Level 1 requires a compulsory session for parents, guardians, teachers, religious and community leaders, and others who are closely associated with the youth in the programme.

This programme is designed to focus on preparing youth to handle pressure and successfully say no to sex.


At the end of the workshop youths will:

  • Explain the basics about the human reproductive anatomy & physiology, describe the changes that take place during puberty, and identify signs & symptoms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and know how to prevent their transmission.
  • Explain the variety of ways in which individuals grow and change socially during adolescence and show respect for difference between individuals
  • Demonstrate the understanding and skills necessary to form healthy friendships and relationships
  • Demonstrate a positive sense of self-awareness and be equipped with the skills for building and maintaining self-esteem
  • Explore and identify positive attitudes and reasons for delaying or refusing sexual intercourse
  • Have their own personalised strategy for abstinence and be able to create new ones when deemed necessary
  • Identify the value of family life and appreciate the responsibilities of adulthood

Length of Workshop

16 Half Day Sessions (2.5 hours per half day)

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