Healthy Sexuality During Menopause

GoalTo help participants manage and resolve sexual issues during menopause


Menopause affects the sexuality of women and it is important for a woman to understand that what she is experiencing is normal. This workshop helps women understand the changes they would experience and helps them to better cope and manage symptoms.


At the end of the workshop women will:

  • Know what happens to their bodies during and after menopause
  • Have have at least three (3) techniques she can use to improve her sexuality during and after menopause
  • Be able identify ways to experiment with new forms of arousal to learn how her body has changed

Myths Debunked!

  • What they didn’t tell you about about libido and sex drive after menopause
  • Find out whether the age at which your first period has anything to do with when you begin menopause
  • Do you know why you should NEVER ignore the clitoris?
  • Find out whether women’s sex drive is different from men’s

Length of Workshop:

1 Whole Day Session (4 hours per day)

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